School/District Registration

The Baylor University Talent Identification Program (Baylor TIP) partners with Knowsys Educational Services to administer college readiness tests that serve as the basis for (1) providing customized advice for each student and (2) developing accelerated courses that are targeted and designed to meet students' needs and match their interests. Student and school names are only collected and used to generate personalized score reports for parents/guardians, students, and/or authorized school personnel. Personally-identifying information is not used for any other purpose and is removed (i.e., de-identified) prior to aggregating results.

Authorized Baylor TIP faculty, research staff, and graduate students use appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to prevent any unauthorized access or use of the data. Authorized Baylor TIP faculty and research staff will not use the de-identified data for any purpose other than (1) research and dissemination and (2) investigating the test quality for potential test improvements for future administrations. No personally-identifying information is recorded or used for any student for research or test improvement purposes. Random identification numbers are generated for students and schools such that there is no link between student or school identifying information.